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Volunteer Opportunities

Grand Valley State University offers many alumni volunteer opportunities that invite you to stay connected, engaged, and involved with your University and your community.  By giving your time, you can make tremendous contributions to your beloved alma mater, fellow alumni, current students, and those in need in the community.  Fun and rewarding volunteer opportunities include: 

Events and Community Service
Assist with fun and exciting alumni events and community outreach projects both on and off campus.

Alumni Volunteering in San Francisco

Affinity Chapters and Regional Clubs
Get involved with an Alumni Chapter or Club in your area based on where you live, or your interests.

Young Alumni Council
The Young Alumni Council is a group of recent graduates who help fellow young alumni stay involved with GVSU.

Guest Blogging
Share your story with your alumni comrades. Give tips on how to network, the best way to get a job in your field, or even share travel tips you have learned along the way. The sky is the limit! A new guest blogger shares every month and the posts are put out on LinkedIn and Twitter. Typical word count is 500-800 words. Email to suggest an idea and get involved.

Alumni Association Board of Directors & Committees
Alumni Association Board members act as a voice for tens of thousands of members of the alumni population, and help shape the future of the University by making policy recommendations through the alumni relations office.

GVSU Alumni Social Media Advocates
Volunteer to promote Grand Valley on your social network! We'll invite you to a private group where you'll get periodic updates on what's happening at the university to share out to your friends and followers.

Admissions Outreach
Serve as an Alumni Ambassador and assist in recruiting the best and brightest students to GVSU.

Career Mentoring
Career mentoring allows working or retired GVSU alumni opportunities to serve as a valuable resource for current students or other graduates seeking to better understand their profession or field.

Donor Stewardship and Outreach
Work independently or as part of a committee to thank fellow alumni donors for their support of your alma mater, or, help our team connect with prospective donors. Other opportunities involve hosting a small alumni reception or meeting with fellow alumni to discuss support of GVSU. For more information, contact Chris Barbee, Director of Alumni Relations, at or call 616-331-3590.