Stay Healthy at School!

 To avoid the flu and other viruses, remember to:

  • Frequently wash hands
  • Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing
  • Get regular exercise


GVSU Campus Health Center:

Located at the corner of Pierce and 42nd, at the South end of Grand Valley’s campus.

Phone: (616) 252-6030

For Information visit their webpage:


Industrial Hygiene:

With our Industrial Hygiene program, we are able to assist in providing our students, faculty and staff with a comfortable and healthy environment.

Asbestos/Lead Forms:

When starting a project that may expose the workers or surrounding public to either Asbestos or Lead, you must complete the Asbestos/Lead Form.

Note: This form must be completed PRIOR TO ANY DEMOLITION, with as much information as possible, and sent to the Safety Department.



Page last modified September 6, 2011