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What are Fellowships?

GVSU students and alumni have secured over $1,000,000 in (inter)nationally competitive award competitions, supporting a wide range of enriching experiences, including study abroad, graduate study, research, language study, teaching, service learning, internship, community and service opportunities. 

The Office of Fellowships provides outreach to all students, alumni and campus partners on available awards. In cooperation with GVSU faculty and staff, we work with qualified students to identify awards best suited to their goals, and to navigate the application process in order to produce the most competitive proposals possible. We promote the core values of professional fellowship advising, including integrity, collaboration, respect and fairness (as identified by the National Association of Fellowship Advisors)-- and view the entire fellowship application process as an integral part of transformative liberal arts education.

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We are located in:

Frederik Meijer Honors College, 120 Niemeyer

Please contact us with any questions or concerns!

(616) 331-2699 

We look forward to meeting and supporting you!

Student Success

Note: If you are looking to fund an immediate financial need, please contact the Financial Aid Office.