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Be an Alumni Champion

Grand Valley State University’s Alumni Champions initiative is an effort to increase alumni engagement with the university. This is critical to our future success as an institution. Our Alumni Champions are committed to supporting the university themselves and to sharing the excitement and momentum of Grand Valley with their fellow alumni, encouraging them to play a more active role in the support of our students.

Thank you to all of our Alumni Champions who are helping to increase alumni participation and ownership of Grand Valley State University. We are so grateful to you for your dedication to Grand Valley and its future success!


Tim Bulson, MS '09

Jonathan T. Heyboer '95

Benjamin Rapin '00

Ryan T. Slusarzyk '08


Elizabeth J. Anderson '02, '06

Brandy Arnold '09

Eric Bassett '13

Laurie Finney Beard, MBA '81

Ellyse Birch '13

George Bosnjak '04, '06

Jill Bosnjak '03

Larry J. Brink '70

Julie Bulson '99, '07

Steve Carlson '78

Rafael Castanon '10

Travis Cree '09, '11

Frederick Davison '69

Jennifer Deamud '95, '10, '15

Shannan Denison '99

Derek DeVries '00, '05

Matthew J. Dhaseleer '01 &
Robin Dhaseleer

Elizabeth Doyle '07

Mindy Kalinowski Earley '01, '08

Travis Earley '01

Caleb Fisher '07

Chad Ghastin '98

Teresa Ereon Giltner '83

Christian Gordon '95, '01

Justin F. Gray '12

Samantha Hardenburgh '03, '05

Dan Hartlieb '79

Mollie Hartlieb '80

Eric Hartman '98

Kimberly Hartman, MSN '07

Adam Henige '00

Sarah Henige '02, '10

Dan Hosford '02

Thomas Hosford '03, '06 &
Lauren Hosford

Tracy Hosford '02

Annie Jacobs '67

Cynthia P. Janes '82

Blaine Koops '76

Denise Koops, MED '03

Megan Koops-Fisher '07, '08

Asa Lakeman '02

Michael Lamfers '88

Eric Maino '05

Linda Masselink '68

Robert E. Monaghan '67

Greg Morris '71

Noreen Myers '72

David Olson '04

Katie Perschbacher '07, '10

Kirk Perschbacher '07

Elizabeth Platek '89

David Radel '02 & Kiley Radel

Holly Rapin '01

James Ryder '94

Nicholas J. Ryder '13

Shauna Ryder '95

Jacque Schafer '00, '05

Kevin Schafer '98

Michele Schallip, MPA '08

Ashley Schulte '08, '12

Pamela Schweitzer '80

Paul Schweitzer '81

Christina Setlock '05, '09

Scott Setlock '04, '10 

Bill Smith '80, '85

Annoesjka Soler, MS '08 

Paul Spindler '87

Branden C. Stewart '10

Jenna Stoll '11

Michael Stoll '10, '12

Rebecca Sypniewski '03, '12

Shane Szalai '95

Michael Tappy '78

Renee Tracey '00, '04

Todd Tracey '91

Autumn W. Trombka '10

Selma Tucker '09, '11

Kathleen Vogelsang '95, '99

Alan Walczak '77, '83

Adrienne Wallace '01, '05, '08

Justin E. Wegner '14

Kelly Weir '07, '12

Meghan Wieten-Scott '06

Nicole Woody '05

Michael Youngdahl '71

Mindy Ysasi-Castanon '03

Mitri Zainea '74

Rose Zainea-Wieten '78

The purpose of the Champions Program is to leverage existing and new relationships of Grand Valley State University Alumni in order to grow the University’s giving community and significantly increase Grand Valley’s alumni participation rate.  

What is a Champion of Grand Valley?

Champions are Grand Valley alumni who volunteer to call on friends and fellow alumni in order to obtain gifts for the University. Champions also advocate for Grand Valley as volunteers and alumni organizers.

Annual Champion Campaign

Throughout the year, champions will meet with existing and potential donors to solicit gifts to Grand Valley. The Champion volunteers will be assisted by the Annual Giving Development staff.

Responsibility of a Grand Valley Champion

While each volunteer is unique in his or her abilities and contacts, the minimum anticipated number of calls is three, during the course of a year. In order for the program to achieve success, it is recommended that Champions meet with each potential donor face-to-face whenever possible.  Volunteers of the Champions program will agree to confidentiality regarding Grand Valley State University Development information. As a representative of Grand Valley State University, a Champion is expected to act in accordance with the guidelines for Development Staff as well as avoiding conflicts of interest.


Katelyn Semelbauer '14
Assistant Director of Annual Giving
(616) 331-6606