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Two day change in lab printing procedure

The Pharos printers will be unavailable during the semester break on Monday April 27th and Tuesday April 28th.  these are the printers that require your student ID to print.

During the Pharos outage, you will be able to print directly to the Xerox printers in the following labs without using the Pharos interface.

Computer Lab                      Related Printer(s)


            LIB                             LIB006, LIB132, LIB217, LIB317, LIB417  (note: one printer per floor in the library) 


            LIBDEV                      DEV106A



Labs with direct print will contintue to work as usual. 


GVPrint is a cloud based printing solution that allows GVSU students, faculty and staff to send documents to the cloud and release the print jobs at specified locations around campus.

How does GVPrint work?

Step 1: Send documents to the cloud via these methods

  • Send your documents from a GVSU classroom/lab computer (currently only offered from the Mary Idema Pew Library and Seidman Center computers) by selecting the printer named GV Print 1 or GV Print 2.  Future classroom/labs will include this option to print, refer back to this website for updates.
  • Attach your documents to an email and send to gvprint@gvsu.edu  Do this from your personal computer or any mobile device. This can be done from any email account. If it is a non-GVSU email account you will need to register the account before you can proceed (Refer to How to send documents to gvprint@gvsu.edu documentation below).
  • Login to gvprint.gvsu.edu with your GVSU network credentials and upload documents to the cloud.

Step 2: Release your documents

  • Locate a print release station.  Additional print release stations will be added on the Allendale and Pew campuses so be sure to check for new locations throughout the academic year.
  • Scan your GVSU ID card or enter your network credentials.
  • Release documents you wish to print.

Notes of interest

  • Non-printed documents will be deleted from the cloud after 24 hours.
  • You are not able to adjust format settings.  This can be problematic for documents such as Excel spreadsheets.  To work around this, first print to a virtual PDF printer and then send the PDF to Xerox.
  • You may use email addresses that are not @gvsu.edu or @mail.gvsu.edu.  Email gvprint@gvsu.edu and you will receive a reply with a link to register the non-GVSU account.  Refer to How to send documents to gvprint@gvsu.edu documentation below.
  • Include a Subject Line and text in the Body of the email when sending to gvprint@gvsu.edu in order to ensure acceptance of the documents and/or email for cloud printing

GVPrint Documentation



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