Internet Access

Grand Valley wireless networks and descriptions.

GV-Faculty-Staff - For use by faculty and staff with network logins. No need to register devices or use Bluesocket.
GV-Student - For use by students with network logins.
GV-Guest - For use by Guests that a Faculty/Staff or student has sponsored by creating the guest a temporary wireless network account and for Faculty/Staff and Students with devices that do not support 802.1x authentication.  Faculty/Staff and Students can login with their network username and password.
GV-Other - For wireless devices that can only do mac address authorization. Primarily for older wireless devices and gaming consoles that are not able to use the newer wireless setups. Details are in the Wireless Network pages below.

If you are having trouble connecting to the GV-Student wireless network, please try one of the following troubleshooting Guides.  If your Computer won’t work with GV-Student and you will have to use the GV-Guest Wireless network; once you connect to GV-Guest, open a web browser and you’ll be asked to enter your userid and password. If your computer won’t work with either network, than please contact us by emailing (include GVSU email address, location(s), date & time(s) and a description of the problem). You can also call the IT Helpdesk at 616-331-2101 or stop by during normal business hours (010 Mary Idema Pew Library ).

Click here for both the Macintosh and Windows Computer Wireless Troubleshooting instructions for Students

*Student gaming systems still need to be registered and if wireless need to select GV-Other.



Page last modified July 1, 2015