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myPath Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

What is myPath?
myPath is a tool designed to assist students in preparing for and tracking their progress toward graduation. It encompasses both a degree analysis audit and an educational planner.
How is myPath different from the degree audit program students currently use in myBanner?
myPath will produce a much easier to read and user-friendly degree audit, and the information can be viewed in various formats. myPath will give students and academic advisors more clearly defined information for selecting coursework, understanding degree requirements, and developing an educational plan.
Is there a difference between myPath and myBanner?
myBanner is the umbrella name for all functions in which students have access to on-line. myPath is the specific degree audit/educational planning tool.
When will degree audit data be available in myPath?
myPath will be available for incoming Freshman and new Transfer students for Fall 2010. Current students’ data will be moved to myPath, beginning with the most current catalog year (2009-10) as quickly as possible. Students and advisors will be notified when the data is converted to myPath. Students may view their data in myPath at any time but the accuracy of the data is not guaranteed until students have been notified that it has been reviewed and is complete.
Can students access myPath on any computer?
Yes. Access to myPath is available through the Web by logging into myBanner, selecting the Student tab and then myPath.
Is the student information confidential?
Yes. Like other processes used in myBanner, myPath is accessed through a secure login. Advisors, faculty, and selected staff will be able to view the student information contained in myPath.
How current will information be in myPath?
The information in myPath is refreshed each night. Any changes made during the day (e.g., grade changes, change of major, or classes added/dropped) will be visible in myPath the following day.
Can students register for classes in myPath?
No. myPath is a snapshot of courses in-progress, planned, and in academic history. Registration will continue through myBanner.
Can students see how many classes are left to fulfill their requirements?
Yes. myPath is laid out in block format displaying degree, major, minor, and emphasis requirements information. Unchecked boxes identify requirements that still need to be completed.
Will students be able to plan for future courses?
Yes. See the Using the Planner section for information.
Are grades visible in myPath?
Yes. Grades are available for all past semesters. Courses in-progress are listed with an ‘IP’ grade. Final grades for a current semester are viewable in myPath on the official date specified on the academic calendar for that semester. Grade changes made during a semester for past semesters are available the day after they are processed following the nightly refresh.
Is myPath a transcript? Is this the same as my transcript?
No. myPath is an unofficial audit of the student’s coursework, as well as an outline of requirements still needed to complete their program of study. Through myBanner, students may view an unofficial transcript or request official transcripts.
Can students see a list of all of their classes taken?
Yes. On the myPath views tab, click on the Class History link at the top for a printable list of courses taken at GVSU as well as courses transferred into GVSU.
What do students do if their academic information is incorrect?
Students should consult with their academic advisor for a review of their audit. Any exception to major, minor or emphasis requirements should also be discussed with their academic advisor.
What if student information doesn’t show as up-to-date?
There may be three reasons. First is that myPath may not have refreshed since a change was made (the information is refreshed nightly). Second, there may be some paperwork that needs to be completed. For example, if students have completed transfer courses, then it is possible that the university has not received an official transcript or the coursework is pending departmental review. Students should check with the Records Office if their transcript or audit does not reflect transfer work completed. Third, a hand exception may need to be applied. Please verify with your academic advisor that the appropriate exception has been forwarded to the Records Office.
How can students update information within myPath?
Updating course information cannot be done in myPath. To change a major/minor/emphasis, students must use myBanner and follow the major declaration process. Go to Student Records and select Change Major.
If there are additional questions about myPath who do students contact?
Contact the Student Assistance Center on any of the GVSU campuses, send an e-mail to regdept@gvsu.eduor call the Records Office at 616 331-3327.


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