Guest - Information


  • Visitors
    • Grand Valley is a permit-only campus.  Visitors must have a permit to park a vehicle on campus.  Please see hours of enforcement for specifics. Guests must stop in to Public Safety or Pew Security with a photo ID and their license plate number to receive a free temporary permit.
    • Visitors wishing to park on campus without a permit may park and pay at meters or pay stations.
    • For Faculty and Staff making online requests for visitors, an electronic permit will be emailed to the guest.  Guests are required to display the electronic permit  on their dashboard to the left of the steering wheel while on campus.
    • Visitors and/or vendors with outstanding citation balances cannot be issued permits until the outstanding balance has been paid.
  • Enforcement Hours
    • Monday –Thursday: 3:00am to 6:30pm
    • Friday: 3:00am to 5:00pm
    • Weekends: Only specially marked spaces and overnight parking in non-residential lots are enforced
    • Non-residential lots are enforced overnight every night between 3:00am and 6:00am
  • Market Place Visitor Lot - Pay Station Costs:  50 cents for 15 minutes with a maximum stay of two hours.
  • Meters  - Costs:
    • Housing Meters - 25 cents for each 15 minutes; 30 minute limit
    • Academic meters - 30 cents for each 12 minutes or $1.50 per hour; 4 hour limit
    • Failed or Out of Order meters are a “No-Park” zone, unless paying with Park Mobile
  • Disabled Reserved Parking
    • A valid ADA permit and a GVSU permit are required to park in ADA compliant spaces on GVSU's campus.
    • If ADA compliant reserved parking spaces are not available, the ADA permit holder may park at a meter (payment not required) or in a Faculty/Staff or Student lot only.  Parking in any other space is prohibited.
    • Parking in ADA compliant reserved spaces in pay station lots will require payment and is limited to a two hour stay.
  • Motorcycles
    • Motorcycles do not require a parking permit.  Motorcycles may park on the yellow hash marks at the end of parking rows. Motorcycles are NOT allowed to park in the blue ADA compliant hash marks.
  • Carpool, Alternative Fuel, Hybrid Parking, Reserved and Housing Spaces
    • Require a special GVSU permit to park in these areas and are NOT available to guests and visitors.
  • Overnight parking
    • Overnight parking is limited to Residential lots. A RESIDENTIAL permit is required.
    • Vehicles are NOT allowed to park overnight in Commuter or Faculty/Staff lots.
    • Visitors of residents are limited to 20 overnight parking passes per academic year.
    • If your vehicle breaks down and cannot be moved overnight, the Police Department or Pew Security must be notified.
  • Permit Placement
    • Place your temporary permit on the driver's side dashboard to the left of the steering wheel.  Permit dates must be visible from outside the vehicle for the permit to be valid.
  • Drive-Up Privileges for specific Residence Halls (Loading and Unloading)
    • Available for 15 minutes by calling Grand Valley Police Department  at 616-331-3255
      • For Stafford, Swanson, Kirkpatrick, Seidman, and Laker Village ONLY
    • Any other residents may use the meters located near housing units.

IMPORTANT!  Unauthorized or improper use of a permit may result in disciplinary action or a referral to the University Judicial process.  Fraudulent use of this permit will result in its confiscation and may result in criminal penalties.  Fraudulently obtaining goods or services is a crime punishable by up to one year in jail and a fine of not more than $2,000.

Page last modified October 17, 2016