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B.S.W. Field Education

Field Education is a significant and integral part of the student's total professional training. In the fall semester of the junior year, students are required to complete and submit the Application for BSW Field Education Placement.  The minimum requirements for entering and continuing in Field Education are:

  1. An overall 2.5 GPA.
  2. A minimum B- (2.7 GPA) in cognate courses required for BSW Candidacy.
  3. An overall 3.0 GPA in social work courses.
  4. Maintenance of official "candidacy status"
  5. No more than one Incomplete "I" grade on the student's academic  transcript.
  6. Completion of all first-, second- and third-year required courses.
  7. A schedule that allows two full days of fieldwork during the fall and winter semesters.

Students commence Field Education in the fall of their senior year and must follow course sequence.  Students must simultaneously enroll in field education and field seminar.  The field education requirement consists of a minimum of 225 clock hours per semester for two consecutive semesters in a human service agency selected to meet the student's educational and professional needs and interests.  These hours are accumulated at the rate of 14 hours per week for 15 weeks; 15 of the required 225 hours are completed during field seminar.  All Field Education students  are expected to become familiar with the Bachelor of Social Work Field Education Manual: Policies and Procedures. Students entering a Field Education Placement must arrange or provide their own transportation.