School of Social Work

Student Organizations

Support from the faculty and administration of the School of Social Work has been instrumental in the formation and maintenance of the Grand Valley State University BSW and MSW student organizations. The school supports the on-going activities of the Bachelor of Social Work student organization (BSWSO) and Master of Social Work student organization (MSWSO) in a variety of ways.

Each year a faculty member(s) is selected by the faculty as a whole to serve each organization as a faculty advisor and liaison to the organization. The faculty advisor and liaison attend meetings of the student organization's elected leadership as well as monthly general membership meetings. The faculty advisor and liaison serve principally in a consultative capacity, but is free to assume a more active role in organizational affairs at the request of the organization's members or officers.

In addition to faculty participation, the School of Social Work provides space for displaying BSWSO/MSWSO information and related materials, a LISTSERV for announcements and discussion, the use of school funds for supplies, duplication and distribution of literature for the student body, and secretarial services to process student organizational messages and mail. Individual faculty members evidence further support for the organizations by providing, upon request of students, programs on topics of interest at BSWSO/MSWSO meetings.

The effectiveness of the BSWSO/MSWSO can be measured in part, by the enthusiasm with which students participate in its activities and carry out their assigned or elective responsibilities. Student organization officers appoint students to participate on all committees of the School, with the exception of the Personnel Committee. One or more BSW and MSW students regularly attend and participate in monthly faculty meetings and are invited to participate at faculty retreats scheduled at regular intervals during the academic year. Students are incorporated individually and collectively into the decisions of the Faculty Search Committee and have been active in the process of interviewing and hiring new faculty members.

Page last modified December 21, 2009