The Division of Inclusion and Equity seeks to coordinate and provide leadership for the university’s extensive efforts to advance inclusion and equity that engage all members of the community, with a central focus on supporting the university’s diverse and historically underrepresented communities. We appreciate the time and effort spent by individuals across the university in creating and offering events and activities that will enhance campus climate through the educational, social programs or application of classroom knowledge (learning outcomes).

Co-Sponsorship Request Form

Who can apply?

We are excited to co-sponsor initiatives and programs established by:

  • Registered student organizations
  • Official faculty/staff affinity groups
  • University departments, offices or programs
  • Faculty and staff members.

The Division will only provide support to events and initiatives that are open and accessible to all members of the campus community. Co-sponsorships will not be granted for exclusive or closed events.

How are proposals evaluated?

Co-sponsorships and grants are provided based on: 

All sponsorship or grant requests are required to include: 

  1. A detailed budget request
  2. Clearly identified outcomes
  3. Identified partner units/organizations.

The division is particularly interested in providing financial support for innovative, new, and dynamic efforts. 

Funding priorities for 2017-2018 include:

  1. Efforts that advance an intersectional identity approach. Grand Valley’s framework for equity and inclusion considers and affirms the role of multiple complex identities in social contexts and interlocking systems of power, privilege, and oppression. The university considers multiple dimensions of identity.
  2. Collaborative activities and events with other university or community groups.
  3. Activities that clearly articulate outcomes and metrics for success.

Page last modified August 28, 2017